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    Want to work at an agency? Send a CV worth reading

    Standing out amongst a pile of CV’s is often not easy so how does one make a  good first impression with a CV destined for the ‘yes’ pile? Palesa Letaba, Talent Officer at NATIVE VML, says, “We go through so many CVs during the job-application process and sadly many don’t make the grade because of

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    Creating the perfect portfolio

    For the past month, we’ve been looking for a new junior designer at work and I’ve had the honour of seeing all types of portfolios… I must say, it has been interesting for all the wrong reasons. So, to inspire you, I have put together a list of do’s and don’ts for portfolios. Below is

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    7 ways to annoy your job interviewer: Graphic Design

    So you’ve spotted your future job , time to get the CV and portfolio ready for action. Below are some things NOT to do to annoy your Job interviewer. 1.Send a low Res portfolio Often creatives will choose file size over resolution, this is as effective as starting a fire with gum . The portfolio

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